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50 South William St Dublin, Ireland

We are a neighborhood cafe based on bustling South William Street. Tea and Coffee is what we are about, and we mean the proper stuff. We are passionate about high-grade Loose Leaf Tea and the best Coffee we can get our hands on. We brew it, sell it, talk about it, consume it and are consumed by it. Our name is dedicated to our love of both.


Clement & Pekoe opened its doors on South William St, Dublin in September 2011. Although established in 2008 as a market stall and wholesale supplier, the vision became real when we finally had a roof (not a tent) over our heads.

The idea behind Clement & Pekoe was born from the belief that exceptional tea and coffee can be appreciated together as a specialty in its own right. Simon and myself have combined backgrounds in retail, buying and hospitality. In the beginning, the spare room in our 2 bedroom apartment served as storeroom and weighing station for our teas. I can only imagine what the neighbours thought as our large kilo bag deliveries became more frequent!  We ditched the day jobs in 2006 and fully focused our efforts on building the business we had been dreaming of over the years. The core dual products were to be impeccably sourced tea as well as coffee roasted by those whose standards would be as exacting as our own.  These fine beverages were to be served up by a staff who share our passion and understand the importance of excellent customer service.

In 2011, we opened the standing-room only espresso bar and retail shop ‘Clement & Pekoe’. Since then, we have gone through planning permission and building works, in sections, to open a larger space with seating and an always lively front porch. Our team of highly-knowledgeable (and caffeine-addled) baristas are always happy to answer questions about coffee AND tea or sometimes just spout random opinions on the state of today’s coffee scene. We are proud to be counted among Dublin’s top cafes in the heart of our bustling city.  Pop by for a morning fix or an evening wind-down and watch the world go by.



A good barista is a curious barista.  We are constantly striving to keep on top of the latest trends and techniques in coffee and tea to provide you with a tasty and informative experience when you come to 50 South William St.

Behind the scenes, we have forged relationships with some very talented people. We rely on farmers, growers, and roasters to bring us their finest produce. It is pretty time consuming ‘work’ sampling and finding great teas that come about each season or tasting the singles origins and blends that each roaster brings to our attention.


No good comes of dirty equipment. It is second nature to us to keep all of our equipment clean at all times.  Our water is filtered and re-mineralised by a Reverse Osmosis System. Not only does this improve the water’s taste, it also keeps our machines and boilers clean. Additionally, we employ a dual boiler system to ensure that your tea or coffee is served at just the right temperature.  More fragile green and white teas are served at 80 degrees while sturdier black, herbal and fruit teas are served at 90 degrees.

We take pride in keeping our Nouva Simonelli 2 group Aurelia in top-notch condition.  Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures your morning, afternoon, and evening cuppa is always the best it can be.  Coupled with our Anfim Super Caimano auto-dosing grinder for house espresso, our manual Mazzer Super Jolly for rotating guest espressos and the Mahlkonig Guatemala (a.k.a. The Jolly Green Giant) for grind-to-order pour overs, we’ve got your grind covered!