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Don’t even think about asking us to choose Tea or Coffee. We love both.  We love talking about tea, tasting tea, and finding out what it is that you are in the mood for.

In Clement & Pekoe, take your time browsing our extensive tea menu, check out our display tea bottles for you to see and smell the quality of the leaves. All our Teas are stored in our specially designed Tea Caddies where light or air are kept away from the precious leaves within. We have a weigh station in the warehouse section of our store where we weigh and hand pack each order.

Our teas run the gamut from black to white, from red to green, from herbal to fruit.  It’s a veritable rainbow in our tea caddies!  We source quality loose-leaf teas from farmers we can rely on.


Since 2008 we have built strong friendships with tea importers, exporters and tea farmers. We now have sizeable shipments of Tea with the Clement & Pekoe name on it. But many rigorous tastings and sampling happens before they hit the high seas.

We know that everyone involved in this short chain of Tea, benefits from our growth and expansion.

New small suppliers within the specialty market are always on our radar but one immovable measure is the High quality that we demand.

The Irish market is a peculiar one. We, Irish, are serious about Tea and our palettes demand a high quality and yet the market of tea in Ireland, is in its infancy, in terms of the range of teas that we are aware of.

So that’s our challenge. To bring some of the many many beautiful teas that each season brings and showcase them here at Clement & Pekoe.

50+ teas from around the globe on our menu and counting. . .





Our display sample tea bottles where you can see and smell the quality of the leaves may help you choose or just ask our opinion, we are only too deighted to guide you. Then sit back and enjoy on our porch or on the go.

Ask for a water refill. There is more than one infusion in these leaves. Some say the 2nd is the best, you tell us.

Choose blends and single estates from the following categories:

Black Tea

Green Tea

White Tea

Oolong Tea

Puerh Tea

Well, not strictly Tea . . .





You may need some simple equipment to brew loose-leaf tea for yourself or maybe you want to make an impression by replicating a Japanese Tea Ceremony? Either way, we should have exactly what you need:

Delicate Glass ware to show off some flowering teas unfurling or fruit infusions bursting with flavour

Beautiful Japanese Cast Iron sets coated internally with enamel improves the flavour of your tea over time.

Our Dauer Filters are perfect for a Mug for one, nice and rustic. . . .