Kombucha, tap into it…

Posted by in: 5.06.2019

Not so many moons ago, about three years of moons to be less than precise, we thought it might be a good idea to get up close and personal with the kombucha trend that was taking Dublin by storm. And by ‘storm’ maybe ‘light breeze’ would be a more accurate description of kombucha’s place on the culinary radar. But we know a good thing when we taste it, and we felt kombucha was something pretty delicious.

Arming ourselves with a library of reference materials, good intentions, and a tiny kitchen five flights up (who needs the gym?) we settled in to begin some serious experimentation. Using Clement & Pekoe teas, a variety of herbs and spices, cane sugar and our new friend, the temperamental SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the hard work of testing out our new flavour combinations. Success and failure were to be had in equal measure. SCOBY can be a bit precious, it doesn’t like to be too warm, too cold, and gets shy around a crowd…we all have a friend like that. A few of the initial batches were immediately consigned to the taste disaster bin of eternity, however, once we figured out what the SCOBY wanted from us, it started to work its magic and gave us our end product, a tangy, naturally carbonated soft-drink to slake the thirst and refresh the senses. (It’s also a great revitalizer when one is feeling, shall we say, delicate?) Two flavours have been a hit from the get go: the house standard, organic sencha and the more exotic Darjeeling with bay leaf and rosewater. Kombucha offers a great alternative to chemical-laden sodas, while also acting as an enhancer to good gut health.

Over time, interest grew. Customers started asking more questions, and most importantly, drinking the product! On the odd day when demand would outstrip production we’d be scrambling to get those kilner jars to ‘HURRY UP’, but SCOBY works at its own pace and will not be rushed. Hopefully, our infrequent days of selling out are in the past as our new Blessington Street location now has a purpose-built Kombucha Kitchen and bonus: no stairs! To satisfy the public’s now-voracious appetite for this bubbly wonder, we now offer Kombucha live and on tap! One bottle not enough? Bring in your own container and we’ll fill it up!

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