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Komucha1You may well have found yourself asking, “What’s all this Kombucha falderal I’ve been hearing about? What exactly is it and how can I get involved?” All good questions. And here are your answers.

In a nutshell, Kombucha is a naturally-carbonated, fermented tea drink, served cold, not unlike revenge. (Before you turn away in disgust, “Fermented?! Ew,” need we remind you good things come of fermentation, number one being, WINE! A close second, sauerkraut….delicious.) The falderal around Kombucha is that it’s good for your guts. Aside from being a refreshingly tasty alternative to chemical-laden sodas, Kombucha’s fermentation process provides some good bacteria for your digestive tract. Myriad health claims have been made, but because we’re baristas and not doctors, we’re sticking to what we know…it tastes good!

Even better? We make it ourselves! Our own barista, Erika, brews up Kombucha in the charmingly named, Kombucha Kitchen down at our second location on Essex Street in Temple Bar. Using our own Clement & Pekoe teas, Erika has devised some pretty tasty combinations, including fennel and star anise, dandelion and cranberry, as well as our House Kombucha made with Organic Sencha. Like a solo version of Shakespeare’s Weird Sisters, she bubble, bubble, toil and troubles her way to creating kombuchas of perfection (bonus, no newts or toads are harmed in the process).

Lastly, in answer to your question of personal involvement, get on down to Clement & Pekoe, belly up to the bar and place your order! Kombucha awaits!

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