Great Teas of India




You won’t be needing any luggage for this trip through the famed tea gardens of India.  We have sourced tea from two well-known regions plus one up-and-comer.  Assam and Darjeeling are represented with their long-established fine leaf selection with relatively unknown Bihar close at their heels. These 50g tasters give an overview of the variety offered by these extremely different terroirs.


Assam ‘Corramore’: A perfect tea for the breakfast table.  A deep and malty 2nd flush, providing an invigorating start to the day, with or without milk.

Bihar ‘Doke’:  This newer garden really wowed us with their fresh take on a black 1st flush.  Sweet and light with tantalizing notes of molasses.

Darjeeling ‘Lingia’: An established favourite at Clement & Pekoe.  A delicate and fresh 1st flush, this is a great example of the flavour profile unique to this high mountain region.

Additional information


50g x 3

Brew Temperature

80, 100

Brew Time

3-5 mins