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Kombucha is a fermented tea drink, rich in healthy acids, antioxidants and vitamin B. It is a healthy alternative to soft drinks; it’s naturally carbonated with a slightly sour/acidic taste.

Looking after our health is now more important than ever. Eating healthy is something we can control but more importantly enjoy. Did you know the importance of focusing on healthy gut?
70% of our immune system is driven by our gut. So understandably, we need to look after it. A good way of doing that is introducing probiotics: dairy products, fermented foods or healthy acids into our diet.

So, What is Kombucha? Well, it is delicious firstly, but also a source of these healthy bacteria. By introducing these into our gut, our natural system is restarted and starts to working again the way it should. That means our bodies are getting more vitamins, more antioxidants (little guys protecting our healthy cells) and more healthy bacteria.
This means our immunity system is getting stronger and we are more immune against various illnesses as well as more energized. In no way are we saying Kombucha is a magic elixir that cures the world, but it will definitely bring goodness for you gut (and did we mention it
is delicious!)

More and more people are trying various things at home these days, such as sourdough (another fermented food), so why not try to make your own Kombucha as well? We offer our starter kits online as well as our amazing Kombucha, that comes with fully organic ingredients and manual on “how to”. For any other questions just log in to our website to
FAQ section or fly us message through Facebook or Instagram

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