Darjeeling tea set
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Tea Trio Edition

Darjeeling tea set

‘Comprised of two 1st flushes and one 2nd flush…’

‘Glenburn’: One of the premier tea gardens of Darjeeling, this ‘pre 1st flush’ is picked early in the season, before the official harvest begins. This makes for an even more delicate leaf that has been especially coddled by the estate’s tea crafters.



'Goomtee': From the high mountains of Darjeeling’s Kurseong Valley (land of orchids) comes one of the top tea producers of the region. A rich, creamy 2nd flush with characteristic floral notes, this classic will surely find a place in your heart & your cup.



‘Sourenee’: Another exclusive selection for our Darjeeling portfolio.  This light and herbaceous leaf is the perfect example of what all the fuss is around 1st flushes from this prized region.  An unexpectedly fresh cup that brings the aroma of springtime. 



Includes a handwritten card explaining the specifics of each darjeeling.


Additional infromation

Brew Temperature:

80 | 100

Brew Time:

3-5 mins


50g x3